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Name: D. Lee Buckingham II

Age: 56

Loyola University of Chicago: Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Minors in Philosophy and Theology
Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis: Doctorate of Jurisprudence

Occupation: Prosecuting Attorney for the 24th Judicial Circuit of Indiana (Hamilton County)

City of residence: Fishers, Indiana

Immediate family: Due to my position, and past threats I have received, I do not disclose family member identities to the media or in public forums.

Previous political experience (please include any elected office sought):
Although I do not consider the Office of Prosecuting Attorney as a “political office” in the traditional sense of politics, I have served as the elected Prosecuting Attorney for Hamilton County since 2011. I am seeking re-election to my fourth term as Prosecuting Attorney.

Why do you want to run for office?
I have dedicated my professional life to protecting the citizens of Hamilton County and I enjoy the challenges that serving as Prosecuting Attorney brings. I would like to continue leading the office and working together with law enforcement to help maintain Hamilton County as one of the best and safest places to live, work, and raise a family in the entire State. I also want to provide continued stability and continuity for my hard-working and dedicated staff of professionals.

What are your qualifications for this office?
Having served as Prosecuting Attorney since 2011, I have the necessary proven experience to effectively and efficiently run the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. I also served as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for 16 years between 1995 and 2010 before I was sworn in as the elected Prosecuting Attorney. With 27 years of experience working in the Hamilton County Criminal Justice System, I am the only candidate with experience running a prosecuting attorney's office and the only candidate with a lifetime of professional experience dedicated to public safety and prosecution in Hamilton County.

What are the top 3 issues that your campaign will focus on?
During my tenure as Prosecuting Attorney, I have established an 11-year track record of effectively and efficiently leading the office in a highly ethical manner. Since day one in office, my focus has always been on:
1 - Initially developing and now maintaining a good working relationship with Hamilton County Law Enforcement
2 - Continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of my staff.
3 - Making sure that the office is run in a highly ethical manner that takes our role as ministers of justice seriously and ensures the integrity of the office while aggressively but fairly pursuing justice for victims and the citizens of Indiana.

What sets you apart from other candidates for this office?
Proven Experience: 11 years as Prosecuting Attorney and 27 years of experience dedicated to public safety in the Hamilton County Criminal Justice System.
Proven Effectiveness:11 years of working closely with Hamilton County law enforcement to help keep Hamilton County one of the safest communities in Indiana and one of the safest counties it's size anywhere in the nation.
Proven Efficiency: 11 years of annually running the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney's Office under budget. (Over 2.4 million returned to the county general fund between 2011 and 2021.)
Proven Professionalism:11 years of running the office in a professional manner with a highly professional experienced staff dedicated to justice.
Proven Integrity:11 years of running the office with integrity and demanding the highest level of ethical behavior from all staff members.

How long have you lived in your district? I have been a resident of Hamilton County for a little over 29 years.

What other organizations are you involved with?
Hamilton County Sexual Assault Response Team
Hamilton County Domestic Violence Task Force
Hamilton County Leadership Academy
Hamilton County Community Corrections Advisory Board
Hamilton County Justice Reinvestment Advisory Council
Hamilton County Child Fatality Review Team
Hamilton County Drug Court
Hamilton County Veterans Court
Hamilton-Boone County Drug Task Force Board
Hamilton County Metro Internet Crimes Against Children Board
Indiana Prosecuting Attorney's Council Board
Indiana Prosecuting Attorney's Association Board President

Something most people don't know about you?
I enjoy bicycling anywhere, sailing and canoeing along the shore and inlets of Lake Michigan near the coast of Door County Wisconsin, and hiking in local and state parks throughout Indiana and in the Chugach Mountains when visiting family in Alaska.

Something you want people to know about you?
As Prosecuting Attorney, my job, in part, is to run the office and make sure that serious violent criminals are brought to justice and imprisoned for their criminal acts. Another significant role that my staff and I play as ministers of justice is to properly evaluate which cases submitted by law enforcement have sufficient evidence to move forward in the criminal justice system as well as evaluating the facts, law, and defendants circumstances (i.e. addiction, mental health issues, etc.) in every criminal case filed to determine the most appropriate sentence or terms of probation in order to help rehabilitate offenders and help those facing non-violent and less serious offenses get on a better life path.

Website or best way for voters to reach you?


Hamilton County Contact Info


P. O. Box 333

Fishers, IN 46038





(317) 440-7370

Together We Will Keep Hamilton County Safe

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